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CLINIX HEALTH GROUP – integrated marketing and communication services

Delivered integrated marketing and communication campaigns to the Clinix Health Group over a period of four years.

Interventions were targeted to align with business objectives: to grow awareness of the brand and its services, in identified geographic locations while growing the Group’s patient base.

Campaigns included the Group’s Nelson Mandela Day initiatives, the 20th anniversary commemoration of one of its flagship hospitals, its historic delivery of quintuplets, vaccination programme and the Open for Business Campaign during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Inside Story was also able to identify partnerships with stakeholders to deliver win-win solutions while driving the Group’s objectives for influence and reach of the brand.

Clinix became a leading voice in the media on issues impacting on the most vulnerable in our country, in- cluding those not often spoken about but which impacts significantly on citizens, inter-alia, mental health and maternal health.

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Proudly Designed and Built by Bunnypants | 2023

Proudly Designed and Built by Bunnypants | 2023